The Russian company Pixonic has recently released a mobile game on iOS and Android under the title War Robots. entertainment offered by the game is divided into an individual in the form of a 1 vs 1 game when you control a great opponent with a chosen robot. Everything happens in real time. The second option is a team game. In each team there are 6 players, even if we do not have so many friends to create a full team, the system in the game will add someone automatically. The game offers a variety of maps such as city ruins, industrial areas, deserts, space stations or areas where there is an eternal winter.

How to win battles?
When you start a multiplayer battle, both your team and opponent face each other on both sides of the map. Then in 15 seconds, you have to choose your robot which you will fight for. You can buy it with gold, which you can get by paying real money or using online hacks and generators.
The aim of the game is to collect specific points located in different parts of the map. They allow you to slow down the speed of the bar in the upper corner. Why is this important? The belt will run out and the first one loses the tournament.
In addition to the above-mentioned way to win the battle, we can also destroy the opponent’s robot. Here, however, the situation is simple, the one who has a better machine wins, however, in order to have access to it, one should spend a lot of money or use gold generators.

War Robots 1

Money is the key to success

Along with increasing your achievements and growing seniority, we are promoted in the ranking, which allows you to unlock and buy new robots. There is 24 currency received for won battles allowing you to make improvements. When choosing a robot, one should be guided by its strength, resistance, and speed. However, in order to receive such a payment, we must pay duly. Therefore, the game producer offers micropayments that allow exchanging real money for silver, gold and workshop points that are in-game currency.

A few words at the end

The game is a very nice option to kill time. 1 vs 1 fights causes a lot of excitement. If someone likes battle games and does not dislike average graphics, he will be happy with it and will probably spend some money to improve his robot or use available online hacks to play