Critical Ops – the flagship work of the Finnish manufacturer of mobile games – Critical Force. This is a game from the FPS category and has been called Counter-Strike for phones. The premiere of the game took place in 2015 and has since been downloaded in the amount of 37 million. The manufacturer of the game has recently praised the fact that one million users were active on one day. The game is available on Android or iOS. You can play it through Facebook.

What is this all about?
If you’re an FPS shooter fan and CS: GO was your favorite game, then Critical Ops is for you. Your task is a team fighting with terrorists, you have to build the best team with the strongest weapon.
The game will take you to the times you remember from Counter-Strike. The first thing you need to do is choose the right weapon. Then you can choose from 3 maps – Tokyo, Amsterdam, and Barcelona. Each of them can accommodate 20 players. If you want to play only with your friends, you can create your own private room, access to which will only be available to invited guests.
Character control in the game is simple. As it happens in FPS games, the control consists in clicking the WSAD buttons.

Critical Ops 2

At Critical Ops, we have a choice of many types of weapons that are a reflection of those occurring in the real world. However, you have to pay for each one. At the beginning of the game, we have a regular pistol and play with him. By winning battles we collect money for which we improve our equipment.


The design is refined in every detail as evidenced by the graphics reflecting real cities in many details, the sound makes us feel like on the front. It all makes players feel like real anti-terrorists. Free play is worth attention and passing the next stages to win money and convert it into a better weapon.